The Livingston Manor Community blood drive, sponsored by the Interact Club was a success. The effort, led by Sarah Evans, Erin Linehan and Jillian Carlsen, surpassed its goal with 38 pints were taken in, possibly saving the lives of 114 people. Thank you to the community for your support.
3 days ago, Livingston Manor Central School
A student checks in two people at a blocd drive as the equipment is set up behind them
Two students smile for the camera while sitting at a table .
Two people lay on cots while giving blood
Superintendent John Evans was first in line to give blood during the Community Blood Drive, hosted by the Interact Club at Livingston Manor Central School on Sept. 28. Did you know that every pint of blood donated can save up to three lives?
4 days ago, Livingston Manor Central School
A man sitting on a cot gives a thumbs up as a person near him sets up a machine for blood donation
Good Evening Wildcats! This is a message from the Interact Club at LMCS. We are hosting a blood drive tomorrow, and there are open donor spots from 4:15 pm to 6 pm in the new gym. Donating blood is a safe and easy way to save a life, and every donation can help up to three people in need. Thank you for considering donating blood. Your donation could make a life-saving difference. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
4 days ago, LMCS Updates
The LMCS Interact Club collected enough plastic to get a second free bench as part of the the Trex Recycling program. The club needed to collect 500 pounds of clean plastic in total, with small amounts recorded and delivered to Kohls, Hannaford, Price Chopper, along with other places. Once the 500 pounds threshold is met, Trex sends the free bench. The first bench sits at the the 5/6 playground. A big shout out goes to Interact Club members Emily and Allison and their grandpa Gene for sorting and bringing plastic. A new collection drive will start Oct. 22.
5 days ago, Livingston Manor Central School
Two students stand in a garage with bags of plastic bags
Two students sort through plastic bags
A man holds a large plastic bag full of plastic bags near a truck whose back door is open
Livingston Manor Central School held its first Sneaker Night of the 2023-24 school year. The Class of 2026 hosted more than 120 students in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade for a time of fun, games and crafts in the old gym.
6 days ago, Livingston Manor Central School
Two young students and an adult play with a parachute  and a balloon
younger students hold on to an older student as he walks across the gym floor
A student hugs another from behind  as bowling pins and balls and a student laying on the floor are around them
Students sitting at a craft table look ot the left as a student is on the floor near them.
a younger student holdinga bear posses for a photo with an older student
Folding chairs face out in a circle as student watch an older student in the middle
There will be an informational session regarding a planned EF Educational Tours trip to Austria, Germany and Switzerland next summer. The session, which will be at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 26, will provide information to parents and guardians about what students will see and do, travel logistics, how to earn high school or college credit, payment options and how to enroll. Registration for the meeting is required at . Those who cannot make the meeting but would like information can visit the website listed but click the "no but send info" button. Those who register and attend will be eligible for a $200 tour scholarship. The location of the meeting will be provided upon registration. For more information, email
7 days ago, Livingston Manor Central School
Twenty one student athletes participated in a powder puff flag football game Friday night at Livingston Manor Central School. Seventh through 12th graders from Livingston Manor and Roscoe took part in the positive event to promote girls athletics. The teams were split evenly between the schools, with the red team beating the yellow team 7-0.
7 days ago, Livingston Manor Central School
Two teams huddle on a football field
A student holds up a flag taken from the belt of a student holding a football as two other people watch
A student grabs the flag of another student as others surround them during a game
A student, pursued by two others runs with a football as tow people watch from the sidelines
A student runs with a football as other chase or defend
A student carrying a football tries to avoid having a flag taken from her belt
A player holds a football as another goes to kick it.
A student grabs the flag of another student carrying a football.
A team prepares to hike the ball
A student runs with the football with other students on the field.
LMCS Fall Picture Days will be Thursday, Sept. 28, for pre-k, kindergarten, first, second, seventh and eighth grades, and Friday, Sept. 29, for third, fourth, fifth, sixth, ninth, 10th, 11th and 12th grades. Families can register for their children's pictures at Prints and digital images will be available for purchase via an online gallery sent to the parent or guardian's email. The password-protected online gallery will be available within 2-4 weeks of picture day. Pictures will be taken by Jeanne Sager Photography. For more information, visit; email hello@jeannesagerphotogary, or check out @geannesagerphotography on Instagram.
9 days ago, Livingston Manor Central School
A flyer with five school pictures on the right with the information in the post
Fourth -graders had some fun in the Outdoor Classroom after collecting samples for their Field Guide in the afterschool program.
10 days ago, Livingston Manor Central School
Students jump outdoors for a photo
Although Livingston Manor Central School District didn't win one of the big awards at the Sullivan 180 Empowering a Healthier Generation event Thursday night, there was still plenty to celebrate. LMCS earned $12,000 in awards in recognition of the hard work and dedication the district has had in creating a robust health and wellness curriculum and culture. Livingston Manor Elementary and Middle/High School each won a $5,000 judges award, in recognition of their collaboration. LMCS also received four $500 "Turtle," awards: a "Mother Earth" award, a "Nutrition" award, "HG Advisor of the Year" award for MS/HS Healthier Generation Advisor Calley Erlwein and "Committee of the Year" award.
10 days ago, Livingston Manor Central School
A person speaks at a podium flanked by two other people and a screen behind them displays a list of health and wellness projects done by LMCS
Four people hold a big check  on  stage with a screen that reads "Mother Earth" NYSEG behind them
Four people hold a big check on  a stage with a podium at left that has the Sullivan 180 logo on it and a screen behind them reads Nutrition Cornell Cooperative Extension
A group of people hold a big check and pose for photos
Two people hold a big check on a stage with a screan reading Advisor of the Year Gerry Foundation behind them
People stand on a stage hold 6 large checks with "Empowering a Healthier Generation Celebration, September 21, 2023 in the background
Livingston Manor Central School had the honor of hosting the panel of Sullivan 180 judges for their Empowering a Healthier Generation Program on Sept. 21. Livingston Manor is in the running for $75,000 and $50,000 grants from Sullivan 180 The panel of judges are Lori Rivenburgh of the Town of Wallkill Boys and Girls Club, Shayna Russo of Cornell Cooperative Extension SNAP-Ed Program and Pat Claiborne, Retired Executive Director for Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County. Also on site were several representatives from Sullivan 180. The award winners will be announced at an event this evening, Sept. 21.
11 days ago, Livingston Manor Central School
A person talks about the edible garden as other watch and take notes
Four people stand near a blacktop courts and a large tree
a bike with a spin art attachment is surrounded by people
a person leans on a piece of kitchen equipment as he speaks to others in a commercial kitchen
adults stand at the back of a classroom a students sit at desks
a man gestures as  two people sit on a bench and other stand in an outdoor classroom.
Three students crab walk on stencils in a hallway as another student walks back and adults watch
Seven people sit at tables in a U shape in a wood paneled room
11 people stand on stairs and pose for a photo.
The Catskill Cardinals basketball team will hold a series of basketball clinics at Livingston Manor Central School in October. All Roscoe and Livingston Manor students in first through eighth grades, are welcome to the free clinics, which will be held from 9 to 11 a.m. Saturdays, Oct. 7, 21 and 28. Forms have been sent home with students. They are also available at For more information, email or call 845-439-4400, ext. 2417. The clinics are sponsored by the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan, The Rotary Club of Liberty, the Lazare & Charlotte Kaplan Foundation and CD Trips.
11 days ago, Livingston Manor Central School
A flyer with a flaming basketball going into a hoop and the information provided in the post
Off to a great start! Livingston Manor Central School hosted its first ever volleyball match on Tuesday, Sept. 20. The Livingston Manor/Roscoe girls modified team took on Liberty, beating the more-established team in four of six matches.
11 days ago, Livingston Manor Central School
A volleyball player serves as her teammates and opposing players watch.
A volleyball is above the net as player await the next play
A volleyball player serves against  as other watch and Wildcat Country is on the wall behind her
A volleyball player serves as her teammates and the opposing player watches
Fifth graders in Ms. Williams' class completed their first experiment for the year. They followed the scientific method to get a Skittles rainbow.
12 days ago, Livingston Manor Central School
Four students work on worksheets a four desks pushed together as a plate with Skittles and with water poured over them sits near the middles
Two students sit at a desk with colored pencils, worksheets, a small plate with Skittles in a circle and a small cup as an adult stand behind them.
Color drains from Skittles covered with water without colors mixing on a plate
What a great evening for a Back to School Kick Off celebration. Thank you to all of the families and community members who showed up and staff and community organizations who helped show off all the great things happening in Livingston Manor. See more photos and a video on our Facebook page.
17 days ago, Livingston Manor Central School
A student presses a button on a dunk tank as and adult falls in and another adult takes a photo with a phone.
An adult paint the face of a student as children play with bubbles in the background and another adult sits at left
An adult pressed on the hand of a student getting a water tattoo as other people watch
Two adults drip paint on paper in a spin art cylinder powered by a bike pedaled by a student
A student throws a ball at a target on a dunk tank that a man is sitting in as other people stand in the background
A student shoots as basketball as other people watch
Two adults sit at a table as a student tries to stack cups as other students watch
A child blows bubbles an other child reacts behind him and another child gets more bubble solution ready
Two adults help a child pedal a bike to make spin art as another adult drips paint on a paper behind them
A student in an FFA jacket stands in a pen with sheep as a toddler pets one and another toddler stands behind.
The LMCS Interact Club will host the Livingston Manor Community Blood Drive on Thursday, Sept. 28. The American Red Cross event will be held from 2 to 6:$0 p.m. in the new gym of the school at 19 School St. in Livingston Manor. All blood types are needed.
18 days ago, Livingston Manor Central School
Cartoon drawing of people  at the top with the information included in the post.
Our students have been busy outdoors this week. The Plant Science classes picked carrots, tomatoes, beans and the last cucumber from the garden for the cafeteria lunches. They even planted some fall lettuce and beets. Some FFA students helped after school to finish the blueberry bushes area. Intro to Ag Science worked on weeding and edging the landscape beds in the front of the school.
18 days ago, Livingston Manor Central School
Three students hold baskets of vegetables and another holds a cucumber in front of a sign that reads LMC Edible garden.
Students weed around bushes near a flag pole
Two students rake mulch and another brings a wheelbarrow
To students pick vegetables in the garden
Hello Livingston Manor Families! Come kick off the new school year with a fun-filled event for the students, families, and the whole LMCS Community on Thursday, September 14th from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.! You will have the opportunity to meet our staff, play some fun games, participate in a variety of activities, and dunk some LMCS staff members in the dunk tank. Community partners and other agencies will be here for you to visit. Food and beverages will be available for you to purchase from the Class of 2025. We look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow, Thursday, September 14th from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Thank you again for your continued support of your children and our school. We couldn’t do it without you!
18 days ago, LMCS Updates
Ms. Nichol's third-graders started off the year by sampling the book tasting menu —where books are delicious. They sampled book genres and rated interest on a scale of 1 to 10. They then chose a "just right" (not too easy, not too hard) book.
24 days ago, Livingston Manor Central School
Students seated at desks pushed together look at books
Students seated at desks pushed together pose for the camera
The Livingston Manor Central School Youth Ambassadors will host a Career Day at the school in November, and are looking for presenters. THe Career Day, with a theme of "Passport to Success" will give students the opportunity to explore potential career options in a fair-style setup. Those who wish to be a presenter is asked to RSVP by Sept. 15 to, or 845-439-4400. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 21, with a rain date of Monday, Nov. 27.
24 days ago, Livingston Manor Central School
A poster with an sepia/old paper toned back ground headlined Wanted Career Day Presenters, with a line drawing of cowboy boots and a hat at left, with the information included in the post.