Merger vote news with Livingston Manor and Roscoe logos


On October 4, 2022 the Livingston Manor Central School District  Board of Education voted to consider a merger with Roscoe Central School to a school by ordering an advisory referendum [straw poll] be put before the voters of the District.
All Board Members present (5) voted yes; to establish a special vote on October 26, 2022 between the hours of 10AM and 8PM in the new gymnasium of the Livingston Manor Central School at 19 School Street, Livingston Manor, NY to see if school district residents are in favor of merging with Livingston Manor Central School into a new school district that would begin operations on July 1, 2023.

 The Advisory Referendum is an informal ‘straw vote’ to be held in each school district separately, as required by the Commissioner of Education. If each school district passes their Advisory Referendum respectively, a formal Binding Referendum Vote would be scheduled for December 14, 2022. If the Advisory Referenda vote fails in one of the school districts, the merger process ends.

The question that residents will consider on October 26th, as it will appear on the ballot:
“Should the Roscoe Central School District and the Livingston Manor Central School District be joined together as a single district by centralization [merger]?”
There will be public forum session at the board meeting on October 19 at 6 PM.
All merger study facts, figures, reports and meeting minutes – and the Final
Merger Study Report – can be obtained on  the merger study page of the LMCS website