An older student holds the top of a blender as a younger student pedals the blender bike

Parents and guardians: Would you like to celebrate your child's birthday in school, but in a more-healthful way? 

As a part of a LMCS' Wellness initiative, the district is excited to invite you to celebrate your child's birthday by opting to use the Celebration Cart, for prekindergarten through fourth grades, or Blender Bike, for prekindergarten through sixth grade, in place of traditional food celebrations. 

The Blender Bike is a stationary bike that invites students to spin and blend smoothies for the whole class to enjoy. 

The Celebration Cart is full of fun games and activities to help celebrate your student's special day. 

If you would like to use the Celebration Cart or Blender Bike, fill out the permission slip being sent home with elementary students and return to the teacher at least a week ahead of the desired date of use with your selection. 

If you would like to use the Blender Bike, provide materials, such as yogurt, fruit, spinach, etc., to make the smoothies.  

More information and the permission slip will also be available in the elementary newsletter.