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    NYS Regents Chemistry - A survey of chemistry concepts and skills including but not limited to characteristics of matter,
    chemical reactions, stoichiometry, solutions, organic chemistry, and nuclear chemistry.

    TEXTBOOK: Prentice Hall A Brief Review in Chemistry 2017

    This course is a Regents level lab class. During the year, labs will be integrated into the course material
    where appropriate as well as during the scheduled lab period. The course culminates with the Chemistry
    Regents Exam which will count as the final exam grade. Students must meet the New York State requirement
    for 1200 minutes of laboratory time. Students who do not have sufficient laboratory documentation by
    June 1, 2018 will not be eligible to take the Regents Exam. Evidence of lab work will be kept in a lab folder
    in the classroom.

    Grades will be tabulated by raw score. Each assignment will be assigned a point value, and quarterly grades will be calculated by dividing the number of points earned by the number of points available for the quarter. Weighting of assignments is integral to the point value of each assignment.

    In general, the following point scale will be used as a guide:
    Labs = 10 points each Quizzes = 1-20 points Tests = 30+ points Homework = 5-15 points

    Homework and Lab Grading Rubric

    Students are expected to arrive on time to class, with all materials necessary for the day’s work. Each student is expected to be in his or her seat when the bell rings for the beginning of class.

    Drinks, bathroom visits, gathering materials from lockers, pencil sharpening, and other tasks are to be accomplished during the passing time between classes.

    Every student has the right to learn in a safe environment. Therefore, during class, students are to be respectful to the teacher and to each other. This includes, but is not limited to, listening when others are talking, and treating others with dignity and consideration. Bullying and put-downs are not acceptable.

    The grade for late homework is reduced by 10% on the first day after it is due, by 20% on the second day, and is worth no credit after the second day late. Days that a student is absent from school do not count, of course.

    Students are invited to bring phone, tablet computer or laptop computer to class. There will be occasion to use these devices, according to classroom rules, throughout our course. Devices must be kept in sight on the student’s desktop during class and may only be accessed under the direction of the teacher. Students who use their electronic devices without permission or for inappropriate tasks as indicated by the District’s Acceptable Use Policy will be referred to the principal for discipline.

    Because each day’s content builds on the previous days’ work, DAILY ATTENDANCE IN CLASS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

    Important Note: Daily class notes, assignments and other relevant information will be published daily to each student’s OneNote application in Microsoft 365.





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