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     The Livingston Manor Central School has 4 computer labs and 8 mobile laptop/ tablet carts with approximately 500 computers. Although  most of our computers are Windows based, we have also integrated other operating systems such as Apple IOS and Google Chrome OS. 

     We have also equiped the District with WiFi. No matter where students are in the building and no matter which computer they are using, students are able to access their work. Livingston Manor students who are using computers are given usernames and passwords so they may save their work on the network.


Purpose of this site...

     The purpose of this Web site is to enhance the educational resources available to the staff, students and parents in the Livingston Manor Central School District.  We've provided a number of resources here in an effort to help teachers, students and parents better utilize the Internet as an educational resource.



Department Members


Christopher Hubert

Director of Technology

Phone :                (845) 439-4400 x1239

E-Mail :      



Ryann Johnson

Network Administrator

Phone :                (845) 439-4400 x1221

E-Mail  :     

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