• Our Mission

    Elementary:  The mission of the Livingston Manor Elementary School is to be the foundation of learning for students who can succeed now and at their next level of education.  We believe our children can reach their greatest potential and become healthy, well adjusted life-long learners.  In cooperation with the parents and community, we will provide a curriculum that meets the needs of all students, taught by a supportive staff, in a creative environment, that is safe, nurturing and conducive to learning.

    Middle School:  The Livingston Manor Middle School is dedicated to the healthful development of each child -- intellectual, physical, social, and emotional -- in a supportive atmosphere which stimulates discovery, nurtures a success, recognizes effort, involves parents and community in the learning experience and encourages students and staff to strive for excellence.

    High School:  Our mission is to be the best school possible for all students by ensuring competent graduates who have a healthy, positive self-image and the desire for lifelong learning.  This will be done by providing a challenging, well-defined curriculum taught by a competent, caring and professional staff who stay current with the latest research.  This will take place in a safe and nurturing environment that fosters success.