Breakfast, Lunch, The Cafeteria and Snack



    Breakfast:  Breakfast is free to every student in grades Pre - k to sixth grade. Breakfast is served in the classroom daily from 8:00 to 8:30 a.m.


    LunchEach month your child will bring home a calendar with the lunch 


    selections and you can also access the menu on the school website.  Lunch may


    be purchased each day. Mr. Rogers our new cafeteria manager will


    be sending home forms for the Free or Reduced Rate Lunch Program.  These 


    forms will be sent home the first week of school, please take the time to


    complete and return these forms as soon as possible to determine if your child 


    qualifies for the program.

    If your child will be buying lunch at school, I strongly encourage you to prepay 

    the cafeteria for your child's lunch. Every child in our school uses a lunch card

     when going through the lunch line. The card identifies the student as receiving

     free or reduced lunch or deducts the cost of lunch from your child’s lunch

     account.  Prepayment of lunch, alleviate the problem of lost lunch money and

     helps your child to get through the lunch line in a more timely fashion. 

    Additionally, if your child wishes to bring his/her lunch each day he/she may do

    so. Please clearly label lunch boxes and remind students not to share any part

    of his or her meal with friends. (We wouldn’t want anyone having an allergic

     reaction to food in the cafeteria!) Also please label envelopes for the cafeteria

     with your child's name and indicate that you’d like to put the money on your

     child’s lunch account.


    The Cafeteria: The entire lunch room experience can be quite overwhelming and over stimulating for kindergarten students, especially during the first 

    several weeks of school. It takes most of the school year for kindergarteners to learn the lunchroom procedure. Student must choose from several choices as they make their way through either the hot or cold lunch line, hold on to and then give their lunch ticket to the cafeteria cashier, find their seat at the lunch table among the many students in the cafeteria, and finally eat their lunch, as they try to socialize with friends. It can be a daunting experience. The noise alone can be very overwhelming. Our lunch period is 30 minutes long. For a kindergarten student to get through the lunch line, find a seat and eat a nutritious lunch, 30 minutes is not a long time. In an effort to ensure that kindergarten student have the opportunity to eat a nutritious lunch, without the distraction of getting up from the table and going to purchase something. The policy is that kindergarten students are not allowed to purchase ice cream or snacks during their lunch period.   


    SnackEvery afternoon we have a small snack in our classroom.  Students are required to bring their own snack everyday.  It is helpful if you label your child's snack with his/her name and the words "snack."


    Water Bottles: Students are required to bring a spill