Parent - Teacher Communication






    Every day, in his/her backpack, your child will be carrying a communication folder.  Please check and return the folder every day. The folder will contain all work from the day, important notices or papers that need to be signed and returned.  The communication folder will be a place for you and I to communicate about what's happening in the classroom and in school. I will place notes and letters to you in your child’s folder when necessary and I encourage you to write notes to me and send them in the folder as well.

    Also I write a weekly Friday letter, which reviews everything we have done during the week and informs you of upcoming events. Please be sure to read the Friday Letter so you can learn about what learning is going on in our classrooms.


    Please feel free to contact me if ever you have any question, concerns or would like to discuss your child. You may call, write a note or email me at any time of the day. I will be certain to respond as soon as possible. My email address is I am always willing to schedule a conference at any time.