Understanding & Tips for Book 2 Listening & Note taking - State Test Help


    Book 2: Listening & Writing (45 minutes)

    In book two, you will listen to a passage.  The teacher will read the passage two times.  You will not be able to read the questions ahead of time.  However, you can take notes to help you respond to the questions.  You will write 3 short answer responses (one is usually a graphic organizer) and 1 extended response.  Usually, the details in the short answer response are very helpful in writing the extended response.  You will be successful if you select specific details from the listening passage to answer the questions. 

    Listening Passage Note-Taking

    • Identify the genre: folktale, biography, fiction, etc.

    • Decide on an organization pattern that best fits the passage: chronological order, compare and contrast, sequence of events, cause and effect, plot summary, etc.

    • You can listen to the passage the first time without taking notes. The second time it is read you can take notes.  You have the option of taking notes during both readings if you choose.  You must take notes during during the last reading. 

    • Use your favorite note-taking method: hotdog, hamburg, webbing, plot diagram.

    • Note-taking strategies: Hotdog, Character Organizer, Plot Diagram