State testing Book 1 - All about the ELA State exams

  • Book 1: Reading and Multiple choice

    In book one, you will read different types of text passages:  fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.  In this part of the test, you can read the questions before reading the passages.  It is a good idea to do that.  After reading each passage, you will go back and answer the multiple choice questions.  

    Multiple Choice (SQ4R)

    • Survey: Survey the text before reading

    • Questions: Read your questions before reading & use your QARs skills.  Identify what type of question you are answering: Right There, Here and There, Author & You, or HOT-On Your Own

    • Read: Read the text and underline key words or ideas you remember from the questions

    • Reread: Reread the questions and see if you can answer any of the questions before reading the choices.  If you answer is one of the choices, select it.

    • Reread: Reread the text, if you are not 100% sure of your answer.   Skim the text for key words in the question to find and confirm your answer.

    • Respond:  Answer the question using details or clues from the text.