• Semester 1

    The 8th grade curriculum is made up of reading comprehension and writing strategies necessary for success on the English/Language Arts Assessment in January.  Post-January continues to focus on reading and writing skills necessary for success in the high school and Gr.8 Social Studies & Science State Exam Test Prep.

    Strategies for Writing in Response to a Selection-

     - Responding to a reading selection

    • Answering multiple choice questions
    • Analyzing a successful response
    • Making a general statement (thesis statement)
    • Adding details
    • Combining sentences
    • Revising a weak response

    Strategies for Practicing for the test

    -Responding to a Listening Selection/Video Selection

    • Listening notes
    • Short answer chart
    • One paragraph response
    • Extended response

    Responding to Paired Reading Selections

    • Graphic organizers
    • Extended response

    Revising and Editing

    • Details
    • Vivid language
    • Run-on sentences/fragments
    • Spelling errors
    • Capitals and apostrophes
    • Usage
    • Punctuation

    Semester 2

    State Social Studies Exam Test Prep

    State Science Exam Test Prep

    Continue to support Mrs. Caramore' s English class novels