Outline Gr. 7 AIS ELA

  • Semester #1

    Pre-Assessment Curriculum: Each unit is approximately two weeks in length.


    • Comparing and Contrasting
    • Understanding Sequence
    • Recognizing Cause and Effect
    • Using Context Clues
    • Identifying Main Idea
    • Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences
    • Interpreting Figurative Language
    • Distinguishing Between Fact and Opinion
    • Determining Author's Purpose
    • Identifying Problems and Solutions

    Test Prep for the ELA Exam:

    • Strategies for Practicing for the test
    • Note taking for Non-fiction
    • Listening
    • Short Responses
    • Editing Skills

    Semester 2

    Novels, short stories, and plays are used as the basis for application of the above skills.

    Assisting & supporting Mrs. Caramore's Core ELA curriculum ( reading and discussing core novel reading and short response questions)

    Providing HW Grids for Grade 7 Social Studies

    Read Social Studies assigned HW and assist with HW questions