AIS ELA Grade 5

  • Reading classes will have a small number of students to allow for individualized instruction. After diagnosis students will have assignments developed with objectives tailored to their needs.

    They will be assigned a variety of short literary pieces, stories, poems, and articles to which they will respond to different types of questions.

      Students will be evaluated on a daily basis.  There will be no homework.  Assessment is based on conclusions drawn from studying the student's overall performance, test results, class readiness, participation and productivity.

      Students will receive explicit instruction in comprehension, vocabulary, and word- learning strategies that will help them achieve greater success and offer skills needed to meet NYS Standards.


                    Students are administered the Reading Predictors Grade 5 level Test to assess skill

    • Author's purpose
    • Vocabulary
    • Making Inferences & Predictions
    • Setting, Character, Plot, Theme
    • Details & Main Idea
    • Cause & Effect
    • Drawing Conclusions, Summarizing, & Using graphic sources
    • Facts & Opinions
    • Metaphors, Similes, & Idioms

    Social Studies Test Prep:

    • Understanding content, review key vocabulary, play jeopardy games
    • Analyzing Documents
    • Reading & interpreting Graphs
    • Writing DBQ essays