• Strategies of a Good Reader

    Train Your Brain to Read 


    How to do a Summary:

    • Look for the topic sentence.
    • Look for who, what, when, where, why, and how.
    • Omit unnecessary information.
    • Summary stems:
    • This story/paragraph is mostly about…
    • The topic sentence is…
    • The author is trying to tell me…


    Make a PREDICTION when: 

    • A title is given
    • Headings are provided
    • The author poses a question in the text
    • The text suggests what will be discussed next
    • Prediction stems:
    • Based on the title, I predict this is going to be about…
    • I already know these things about the topic/story…
    • I think the next chapter/section will be about…
    • Based on… (a clue), I predict…
    • Based on what____ said/did, I predict…


    VISUALIZE a picture in your mind:

    • When I read this, I imagine that…
    • As I read, in my mind I see…



    • Who is___?
    • What is/does ___?
    • When is___?
    • Where is___?
    • Why is ___ significant?
    • Why does ____ happen?
    • How do ___ and ___ compare?
    • How are ___ and ___ different?
    • What is the most important ___?
    • What is your opinion of ___?