• Spelling


    1. Find the tricky part of a word and make a cue to remember it 

    Ex. The ‘e’ in heart may be missed.  Cue: He loves art!

    2. Analyze the word parts. 

    Ex. Find a smaller word inside the larger word….geography

    Ex. Identify the root word….. admitting.


    3. Make up a mnemonic.

    Ex. Both apples zoomed across a road...bazaar

    Ex. angel .... An angel puts 'gel' in her hair


    4. Use visualization or imagery

    1. Look at the word carefully.

    2. Say the word out loud

    3. Close your eyes and imagine or visualize the word.

    4. Cover the word and write it on paper and/or in the air.

    5. Check the spelling...if it is correct, continue on; if not repeat the steps!