• Memory Strategies


    Pictures/Symbols: Create a funny picture in your mind that links words together.

    Example: Measures of Capacity

     gallon man





    Acronyms: Use the first letter from each word you want to remember. Great for when you want to learn things in order.

    Example: King Henry DOESN’T understand drinking chocolate milk!

    The metric system prefixes….

    Kilo-; Hecto-; Deca; unit (meters/liters/grams); deci-; centi-; mili-



    Acrostic: Use the first letters from each word in the information you want to remember and create a new word.

    Example: “ PEMDAS”

    The order of operations… Parenthesis; Exponents; Multiply/Divide; Addition/Subtraction



    Rhyming: Helps recall dates and information associated with it.

    Example: “In 1942, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”