Anxiety:  When you feel anxious before a test or preparing schoolwork, do the following….


    Alpha breathing:

    • Count to 4, breathing through your nose.
    • Hold for 4 counts
    • Breath out for 4 counts through your mouth
    • Pause for 4 counts
    • Repeat previous steps 3 to 4 times



    •  Read aloud or write these positive statements several times over;

    “Yes I Can” / “Learning is Fun & Easy”



    • Close your eyes…see yourself achieving your goal…Do NOT watch yourself…be inside yourself accomplishing what you want.



    • Lean back in your chair, feet flat on floor, rest hands on lap, begin by stretching your legs as far as you can, relax, then tighten the muscles on your calves, relax…continue going up your body one muscle group at a time up to your face.
    • Scrunch face as tight as you can, relax all muscles, repeat.
    • ZZZZZZZZ…say a word beginning with the letter Z, as you breathe out holding the sound of the word until you are out of breath….Zebra…Zipper…Zero…etc.