• Homework is assigned as an essential part of memory retention and practice.  Students who complete their homework show overwhelming increased achievement. Get your work done efficiently following these suggestions:

    • Time estimate each and every assignment before beginning any homework.  The time estimate will focus your attention on what is before you.
    • Total the time to complete assignments.  You should have at least 10 minutes of homework per each grade level.                            Example: 5th grade = 50 min.; 8th grade = 80 min.
    • Work in short 3-5 minute sessions on one topic/subject.
    • Take a short 3-5 minute break or vary subject.
    • Study difficult subjects first when you have the most energy and patience.
    • If you just can’t get started, make an OREO of your assignment. 
    • Start with an easy, short, favorite or most interesting (cookie) part, then go to a long, boring or difficult assignment (cream filling), and end on a positive note (cookie) with an easy or enjoyable assignment.
      Always end on a positive note to increase the chance of that good feeling of accomplishment becoming a habit for you.

    Home Study Spot

    Find an area that is yours

    Study in the same spot at the same time every day

    Desk/table/chair comfortable to focus

    Cool temperature

    Appropriate light that varies

    Positive affirmations posted

    Pictures of what you would like to do

    Reminders of past successes (certificates; awards; report cards)