English 12

Welcome to English 12

  • The curriculum of English 12 seeks to expand student knowledge of literature beyond that of just American writers, with focus being primarily on British prose. Students will read, analyze, and discuss various themes, literary elements, and literary techniques of British poets, journalists, essayists, and novelists.

    Writers include (but are not limited to):

    Jonathan Swift, William Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, William Wordsworth,

    Francesco Petrarch, Wilfred Owen, Pearl Poet, Virginia Woolf, Mary Wollstonecraft,

    Samuel Coleridge, Dylan Thomas, John Donne, Elizabeth Browning,

    D.H. Lawrence, and George Orwell.


    Students will study aspects of major periods of British history in order to understand common themes inspired by real world events.

    Another key component of English 12 is college and career readiness preparation. Students will be engaged in research processes, argumentative essay writing, and deep analysis of text which will require analytical thought processes that will stretch student's comfort levels.