Technology Plan

  • Livingston Manor Central School's
    Technology Plan 2018-2021

    The 2018-2021 Technology Plan has at its focus an alignment with our district vision and mission and strategic directions.  The goals of the Technology Plan center on using technology to further our vision of academic excellence as well as ensuring  that students demonstrate proficiency in Information and Technology Literacy Standards as led by the Media and Technology Program. In a time when change is the rule rather than the exception, students need to learn how to adapt to the explosion of new information. In effect, teaching them how to learn is the most critical responsibility we have to our students.  It is not only about what we teach; it is about how we teach it.

    The Technology Plan’s goals speak to the larger issues of preparing our students for their future, providing professional learning for teachers to use information technology tools and resources in the everyday business of teaching, and ensuring proper and adequate funding and resources necessary to equip our classrooms for teaching digitally.

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