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  • Welcome!  Welcome to Mrs. Hemmer's Class!                                            

     We have many wonderful and exciting things planned to motivate our kindergarteners to learn and to love and enjoy their  school experience.

    We are 100% Common Core immersed with reading and math materials directly correlated to the N.Y.S. standards.

    Our class will focus on all subject areas through pencil and paper activities, crafts, songs, movement, stories, individual and group projects.  We will have the help of a shared classroom aide as well as specialists in speech, ELA and math.  specials teachers also add to our experience.

    In math, our text focuses on many beginning skills to build on throughout the year!  We will be covering such topics as numbers (identifying, counting, writing), positional words, shapes, basic adding and subtracting, patterns, ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd), and more.

    Our reading series focuses on letter identification and sounds, sight word memorization, story re-telling, parts of a story, sequencing and more.  It is a great program which encompasses learning through specific stories with follow-up worksheets, small group activities and learning games.  We will supplement this program with little books which students will read to other classes towards the end of the year.

    The social studies aspect of kindergarten is geared toward our community, holidays, very simple history and becoming more familiar with the world around us.  We use non-fiction stories to help students visualize what is being taught as well as taking short walks and field trips.  Many art activities are incorporated into this portion of our curriculum.

    Socialization is such a big part of kindergarten.  We are constantly in the learning mode as far as being respectful, responsible and safe at all times.  We stress being a friend to all and having patience and tolerance for others.

    We are looking forward to a GREAT year!  Please email me at or call 439-4400 ext. 1200 or send in a note if you ever have a question or concern.

    Thank you for being wonderful parents and guardians!